Friday, November 30, 2012

Guess It's Time Once Again

I was reading my daily horoscope which has a link for a tarot reading. I always enjoy asking questions & seeing what comes up. Now I usually don't take them to serious as it's through a computer & our own personal energies are not part of the actual cards for a true reading. BUT...every now & again...the reading is great & hits home & sometimes right in the gut! "The question asked was: ????"   meaning....I'm not sure what to ask so just guild me...

Self-what is going on within you
The Moon
Layers of illusion are removed; your essential self is disclosed.

With the Moon in this position, you are cast into your deepest unknown. Not to be seen as either bad or good, this is an opportunity to penetrate your inner life. You may be familiar with this experience or you may never have experienced it before in your life.

You are moving between worlds, shifting and modifying. Reality changes from hour to hour; your rational mind has deserted you, leaving instinct and intuition as your guides. All the architecture of civilization has been stripped from your personality and you are naked unto yourself. (Interesting enough, this is also the card that represents Pisces)

Situation-the surrounding energies
Eight of Wands
You are caught in a vortex of intensifying demands.

The Eight of Wands in this position indicates that you are running to keep up with people and circumstances that seem to be out of control. Being proactive may be difficult now. Stimulating events may demand too much of your attention.

You are caught up in a high tide of escalating consequences. This can be an exciting, if exhausting, time and you could be tested on every level as you move forward. Sometimes it takes courage to cope with the confusion of chaotic changes

Challenges-what needs to be concentrated on
Nine of Pentacles
Protect all areas of your health to increase your vigor and self-reliance.

The Nine of Coins in this position challenges you to stay healthy and fit -- emotionally, physically and psychologically. Don't let yourself become soft and out of shape. You can't expect this period of relative abundance and support to last forever.

Even in the best of situations there are fluctuations. No situation is permanent or immune to change. As you proceed on your way, be aware of maintaining your muscle tone as well as your intellectual and emotional vigor. Use this situation to improve yourself and prepare for whatever may come next.

Believe in them or not....the really interesting part....I picked these 3 cards.....3 different times....over 3 weeks....never the same time or day.....yet I ask a different question & get different cards....

I think it's time once again for this Phoenix to burn out & rise again.........

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thank U

Thank U

How bout getting off these antibiotics...
How bout stopping eating when I'm full up...
How bout them transparent dangling carrots...
How bout that ever elusive kudo...

Thank You...India
Thank You...Terror
Thank You...Disillusionment
Thank You...Frailty
Thank You...Consequence
Thank You...Thank You...Silence

How bout me not blaming you for everything...
How bout me
enjoying the moment for once...
How bout how good it feels to finally forgive you...
How bout grieving it all one at a time...

Thank You...India
Thank You...Terror
Thank You...Disillusionment
Thank You...Frailty
Thank You...Consequence
Thank You...Thank You...Silence

...the moment I let go of it...was the moment I got more than I could handle

...the moment I jumped off of it...was the moment I touched down

How bout no longer being masochistic...
How bout remembering your divinity...
How bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out...
How bout not equating death with stopping...

Thank You...India
Thank You...Providence
Thank You...Disillusionment
Thank You...Nothingness
Thank You...Clarity

Thank You...Thank You...Silence.......AM

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life In A Snow Globe World

I think we all have, at one time or another, picked up a snow globe & given it a good shake! Up flies all the white stuff as snow or glitter for a starry sky. The scene below sits frozen in time as the flakes swirl around them. Depending on the strength of the shake or the whirl of the wrist, those pieces spin & drift until finally settling into their resting places. Then....we shake again! Watching the same scenario repeat...again & again & again.

Lately, life seems to be resembling these such...snow...globes. Here we are in the middle of a warm scene from our life. Looking around....things seem...normal (or whatever that word is supposed to mean) but it all looks to be in place. Everything is going along nicely. No reason for alarm or concern.


Our peaceful utopia is thrown into complete chaos! The ground all of the sudden starts shaking & quaking. We're rocked from side to side vigorously as a dizzying spin sets in. Everything around us is now in a frenzied whirling...pelting us over & over & over & over & over again. Raking our skin...tearing at our sensitive selves. We try to move but find we are glued to the floor. No matter how hard we pull & tug...we're not going anywhere...we're stuck! So we pray for help or swear to the heavens...either way...the only way through to weather out the storm.

Things start to settle down. The blasting elements...slowing down. Calmer waters come & we brush off the debris & cover up the wounds. Breathe a deep sigh of relief that we made it through that terrible time. We see things start to fall back into place & are happy being back to that obligatory "normal" once again.


Our peaceful utopia is thrown into complete chaos all over again! The ground shakes & quakes. We're rocked from side to side vigorously as a dizzying spin sets in. Another frenzied whirling of sharp & painful objects fills the sky. Belting us over & over & over & over & over again. Ripping at bruised hearts...tearing at our sacred souls. Again being unable to run or hide or even duck. So we pray for forgiveness or swear off altogether...either way...the only way through to weather out the storm...again.

Once again things start to settle down & those damaging more then a soft falling leaf. Calmer waters come & we shake the debris off & do our best to hide the scars. Taking more deep breaths & praise that yet again we made it through. We see things getting back into place & are happy being able to return to "normal" once again.

Then.....IT.....happens.....again....& again....& again....& much so that the worlds of "normal" & that of chaos become so swirled that they begin to blur into one.......giant........storm......

I'm really tired of living in a snow globe......

Thursday, November 8, 2012


You and I are in the same room
We both think we're fair
We both live for truths
But then how are we to define something so subjective
Living under the same roof
So here, these battles of wills
They beg for some proof
Of right versus wrong
Your approach seen as better than mine
Though it's working for you all I feel is disconnection

So now it's your...(your) religion...'gainst my....(my) religion
My humble opinion...'gainst yours
This does not feel like love
It's your....(your) conviction....'gainst my....(my) conviction
And I'd like to know what we'd see
Through the lens of love… love… love… love

And so now your grand assessment
Is that I'm not in your group that I'm not your kind
And so we're locked in a stalemate with you
In your corner and me dismayed in mine
And this stance keeps us locked in boxing gloves
And this lie remains about us being separate

So now it's your...(your) religion...'gainst my....(my) religionMy humble opinion...'gainst yours
This does not feel like love
It's your....(your) conviction....'gainst my....(my) conviction
And I'd like to know what we'd see
Through the lens of love… love… love… love
Thank you Alanis for once again writing a song that truly applies to life!! Especially at this time when we as a country are divided over simple things like elections & candidates. Let's stop the arguing & focus on the love!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My most current horoscope regarding career for a PiscesDragon: You're eager to break new ground, and the professional weather is obliging. Test the soil with your foot and then dig in with the ferocity of a tunneling canine.....

Is this telling me something......

4 More Years


Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweet Dreams talk cupcakes....yes...cupcakes! 

For over a week now, I've been waking up from dreaming about cupcakes. It started out from a dream where I owned my own cupcake business. I was running around, getting things done, busily working away. When I woke up....I awoke happy. Well more then that...I woke up...inspired! I came down stairs & told Dave all about it. I mean I was actually excited & all from a dream.

Every night since, I've dreamt of cupcakes. I wake in the morning to new ideas for different flavors of cupcakes. I always come down stairs & jot notes down about my dream & ideas from it. The cutest thing, since I've been having these dreams & leaving notes around the desk, Dave bought me a cute little note pad with cupcakes on them for me to jot things down on. He's soooo awesome to me!!
Now, not all of my dreams consist of new cupcake ideas. I've had some other fun dreams, but somehow they come back around to---or take place at---or something cupcakes! I've had dreams of being able to light the icing on fire. It was quit a spectacle in my dream to have these rows of cupcakes purposely on fire. Upon telling Dave about the dream, he reminded me about Baked Alaska pie where the top gets fired. So...another good idea. One of my favorite dreams was that mom (who was working for me in my dream) & I got into a cupcake fight. Icing everywhere, the store was a mess, we were laughing our asses off. Then someone came into the store & we started pelting them with cupcakes. I actually awoke laughing...out loud! I remember actually hearing myself which is what woke me. Then my cat Kyra was sitting up & looking at me all perplexed. I just wanted to fall right back to sleep & right back into that dream. VERY fun dream!

Some of the cupcake ideas I've had are....mojito (lemon cake with delicate mint icing), raspberry swirl cake with amaretto icing, sprinkle cake with bubble gum flavored icing for the kids, Pineapple upside-down rum cake with smooth glaze icing, chocolate cake with blood orange icing....the list goes on & on. Almost every morning I wake up with new ideas & flavor combos. Just sitting here typing this out & I've came up with 2 more ideas. For some reason I'm starting to think all things cupcakes!!